Arkal Spin Klin Disc Filtration

  Arkal Spin Klin Disc Filtration systems – now part  of the  Amiad  family of technologies – delivers reliable, accurate and efficient  water    filtration for years, along with worldwide support.

 Arkal Spin Klin Disc Filtration systems – now part of the Amiad family  of technologies – delivers  reliable, accurate and efficient water  filtration for years, along with worldwide support.


As turbid water travels through the filter, debris is captured on the exterior wall and interior grooves of a stack of compressed discs. The discs can be grooved to deliver filtration between 400 and 20 microns, and the system is exceptional at capturing deformable solids such as organics.

The automatic backwash cycle expands the disc stack while a series of nozzles directs high-pressure streams of water between the discs, spinning and rinsing them clean in a quick, efficient, effective cycle. At the end of the backwash cycle, the disc stack is re-compressed and the system returns to the filtration cycle.

Key Features

  • Low backwash volume
  • Continuous supply of filtrate during backwash
  • Long-lasting elements – no consumables to replace
  • Changing filtration degree requires a quick change-out of discs
  • Modular units allow easy specification, expansion or reconfiguration
  • Small physical footprint
  • Plastic construction allows for operation in seawater and other corrosive environments

As with all Amiad and Arkal filtration products, Spin Klin disc systems are dedicated to protecting downstream processes. The Arkal Spin Klin system is ideal for:

  • Pretreatment before fine filtration, ion exchange or desalination
  • Sand separation
  • Wastewater recovery
  • Cooling water
  • High-salinity water
  • Nozzle and instrument protection

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